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New Address

OU Lumar S.A.
Punane 14a
, EE-13619, Tallinn, Estonia
Crewing Department:
+372 62-50-001
Q&M Department:
+372 62-73-930
Technical Department:
+372 62-73-931

E-mail: [email protected]


Technical Management


Having analyzed the trends of a continuous increase of all types of vessel running costs under the pressure of international maritime safety and environment protection standards , increasing of the vessels crew costs and recent changes in the insurance market we have managed to find an effective way of stabilization of vessels' running costs at the expense of optimization of the vessels' assets maintenance programs via application of the following four key elements:

1. LUMAR Maintenance 

The vessel control maintenance system LUMAR Maintenance  assumes the choice of the various ship assets maintenance strategies depending on risk of assets failure consequences for a vessel, cargo, crew, environment and the shipowner's priorities.

2. LUMAR Assessment 

The vessel technical condition assessment system LUMAR Assessment  is a source of objective information about the vessels condition for taking decisions about the choice of the ship maintenance strategy. The dynamics of changing the assets technical condition is an efficiency indicator of the shipowner's capital investments.

3. LUMAR Accounting 

The budget of the vessels operating costs monitoring system LUMAR Accounting  allows to calculate and provide all parties involved with all costs both already suffered and only confirmed under all items of the annual vessels' budget for their operative analysis.

4. LUMAR Inventory 

The cross supply and inventory system LUMAR Inventory  allows the control of stock-taking about the unit price of delivered supply helps Master and Chief engineer to monitor the budgetary funds spending and also with regard the ordering of expensive supplies.

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