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Lumar Barcelona
Sucursal en España

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Experience in the ways of life at sea has made us highly alert to the risks inherent in this environment risks to the vessel, the crew and third parties. Marine Insurance is what balances out these risks; and each ship owner can rest assured that Lumar's profound knowledge of its complexities and the resultant capable negotiations on their behalf, means that claims are handled professionally. Our experience and expert knowledge also ensure the most competitive cover possible for any insurance ship owners may need, such as:

  • Protection and Indemnity (P&I)
  • Insures the liability of the insured as vessel owner or operator against principal exposures.

  • Freight Demurrage & Defense (FD&D)
  • Covers Legal and other costs necessarily incurred in establishing or defending claims in connection with: Contracts of carriage, loading stowing, trimming or discharge of cargo, loss of or damage to the ship or GA, property damage, personal injury or loss of life, repairs or supplies to the ship, agents, brokers, customs, harbour authorities etc

  • Hull and Machinery - IV (H&M)
  • Insures the costs for repairs of damages caused by an insured peril or in case of total loss compensates the total insured value of the ship.

  • War Risks
  • Insures loss or damage to the vessel including capture, seizure, blocking and trapping.

  • Trade's, disruption cover (Loss of hire/earnings)
  • Covers the loss of hire or equivalent.

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