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 Fleet Description
  "Astrakhan"  type ships
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"A unique multipurpose ship built to military specifications with Ro-Ro facilities and self sustained for heavy cargoes and containers."

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The Astrakhan ships (17500 dwt) were designed and built from 1986 until 1992 to serve both the military and commercial transport needs of the ex-USSR.

They are speedy multipurpose ships with Ro-Ro facility (1040 lane meters), very good gear, box shaped holds, high container capacity and are able to achieve quick cargo operations. Many of the ships are deployed with major liner companies.

The Astrakhans are of particular use where flexibility is required in carrying a combination of containers, rolling stock, heavy pieces, IMO parcels, forest products, project cargoes, steels, unitized and any general cargo. The ability to carry a mix of cargoes also make the Astrakhan ships very suitable for military sealift.

Special features include:

classed for the carriage of ammunition and other dangerous/IMO cargoes
quarter stern ramp
heavy lift derrick
ice class 1B
long/open hatches with small understow
good speed
great endurance
high grade steel