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New Address

OU Lumar S.A.
Punane 14a
, EE-13619, Tallinn, Estonia
Crewing Department:
+372 62-50-001
Q&M Department:
+372 62-73-930
Technical Department:
+372 62-73-931

E-mail: [email protected]


Crew Management


Job at sea

Who are we looking for?

Lumar is looking for real seamen, who like to work hard and who have a great sense of responsibility. People who thrive at teamwork and enjoy doing a job together with others.

Naturally you have the right papers. Seeing the size of our tonnage this means a complete license and certificates and a positive recent medical test. You also have a good command of the English language.

What can we offer you?

An attractive, well paid job where extra work is also additionally rewarded. Inspiring experienced colleagues, excellent accommodation (all cabins have their private facilities) and, with the implementation of the latest technology, good communications with home.


Fill in the APPLICATION FORM and send it to us today. We look forward to your reaction and will contact you as soon as possible.

The human factor is vital to our success. The shipping business is a people's business. In a world with accelerating mobility and integration, the importance of building competence and good staff relations cannot be overestimated. We strongly believe that this represents a considerable competitive advantage.

A major emphasis of our recruiting policy is to identify professional knowledge as well as local experience and people skills. Through our network of offices worldwide, our staff is always capable of giving the best possible service and advice to our customers.

Selection and recruitment

The recruiting area is Ukraine, where Lumar has its own manning office controlling our manning sources and to ensure strict scrutiny of seagoing personnel Lumar has strict Drug and Alcohol policy requirements. These exceed those required by major Charterers and are enforced on all vessels.

ITF coverage

Depending on Owners requirements both ITF (ILO) and non-ITF wage scales are offered.


To ensure the uniformity of our crew training standards a intensive in-house training is conducted with our own instructors. Periodical Seafarers' evaluation is accomplished. Senior officers are briefed at regular intervals on the Company policies with particular emphasis on quality, safety and environmental protection. Senior staff are brought through the Company's offices for a thorough briefing on the Company Management systems in general and the ship on which they are about to join in particular.

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Crew Management
Commercial Management (including Chartering, S & P)
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