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About Us



Highly qualified and dedicated people are of vital importance to Lumar's ability to deliver quality. We strive to enhance the organization's competence and offer interesting and challenging career opportunities.

Our Mission

To anticipate and exceed the requirements of our customers by offering superior transportation services, which are:

  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Customer oriented
  • Up to the highest quality & Safety Standards
  • Our core values
  • Sincerity, clarity, creativity, strong client-orientation are core principles at Lumar
We at Lumar seize every opportunity to keep these values. These are our guiding principles both at a corporate and at an individual company level.


We see our customers as long-term partners and we want them to recognize us as an essential part of their supply chain. We depend on our customers, whose trust we have to earn and retain. We also realize that our success fully depends on our client achieving its goal. We never forget that "we all are on the same boat", that is why we always intend to work closely with our clients in helping them get their job done in the best way.


Lumar views its people as the most important part of the organization. The company culture is characterized by a strong sense of solidarity, the personal involvement with the job, the ship; the services to our customers are at the highest level. We recognize that excellence in performance is required and rewarded.

about-technical.jpg   Core Services:
 Technical Management
 Crew Management
 Commercial Management (including Chartering, S & P)
  Supplementary service: